Property Faq's

Security of My Information

LIDA offers the highest level of Security, Protection and Privacy!

Latest Protection and highest level of website and database security.
Protection of personal information
Agent ID only on reviews
Owner details protection to ensure security of your rent roll

How is the Final Report Done?

All agents responses are collecting into the database, which then aggregates the results. All agent reviews are approved by admin, and admin reviews are written with the information entered by all agents. This gives members the very best, and up to date information on the landlord being searched.

How are the Service List Providers chosen?

All service providers listed are as a direct result of agent recommendations. No trade can "buy" their way onto the service list. Each service provider must have a minimum of 2 reviews by agents, and any negative reviews by agents will be addressed with both the agent and provider to determine the trade continuing on our service list.

Do we need any permission from the owners to enter or access this database?

NO! It is a part of the agreement that the landlord signed with the agent, that the landlord agrees for third parties to be utilised in the form of websites, software etc etc. This is commonly found in the Privacy section of your agreement with the landlord upon sign up of management.

Does this work for all states across Australia and further abroad?

YES! The questions asked are the most important questions that property manager's and principals need to know BEFORE deciding whether the landlord is a asset or liability to their business. These issues have been selected by way of research with agents and deciphering the most effect way to give the agents the best and most informative information available at the time of their search.