About us

About us

LIDA is Finally Here!

THIS is what the Industry has been waiting for!

LIDA has been developed out of the growing need for real estates, onsite managers, body corporations and all areas in the industry, to make objective, real time and financial decisions BEFORE signing up a new landlord.

LIDA will give you a real time report overview and in-depth report, including other agent reviews, so you can make the RIGHT decision for your business.

There is an ever-growing trend that has existed for many years where landlords have the control of who they choose to manage their investment WITH NO information available to the real estate industry to put its own value on this landlord as an asset to your business. LIDA takes the guess work out.

How many times have you heard "Good Luck!" from the previous management when you have collected a property file? Then you find out how difficult, unresponsive, or unwilling the landlord is to maintain the property, OR if you have scored a FANTASTIC landlord.

LIDA will give you a real time report that covers Communication, Maintenance, Court, Tenant Application's and more!  You can now get the information you need BEFORE signing up a Landlord and take the power back to make informed, viable and real decisions.

LIDA also offers a Property Manager Handbook for Queensland, with other states to follow.  This “Hands-On” Guide includes flow charts, diagrams, advice, step by step instructions and more!  It is developed for those entering the industry for the first time, as well as those already in the industry, with great tips and tricks to help you maintain clarity, prioritise and get through your busy day.

Once you have joined LIDA to access the Landlord Database, you will automatically have access to our Sevices List.  This database give you access to all areas of trades that you require, that are recommended by OTHER AGENTS!  These trades CANNOT buy their way into our service listings, they MUST be recommended by agents.  This gives you the chance to read other agent reviews, the trade details and download their insurance, certification's etc.  By simply selecting the service you require, you can search via the post code of the property that needs the trade, and locate the best trades (as recommended by other agents) to make your decision.

As the second stage of LIDA, we will also be adding a Tenant Database.  This is invisaged to replace the current rental references that agents do at the moment.  How many times have you lost a prospective tenant due to being held up on receiving the reference back from another agent?  All your questions asked on the reference form will be available immediately for you to look at through our Tenant Database, eliminating the current issues faced by agents.  Sign up NOW for the Landlord Database and keep up to date via our Facebook link at the bottom of the site page, to see when this next database will be coming!

LIDA is fully patented and trademarked.