LIDA is finally here! THIS is what the industry has been waiting for!

LIDA has been developed out of the growing need for real estates, onsite managers, body corporations and all areas in the industry, to make objective, real time and financial decisions BEFORE signing up a new landlord. LIDA will give you a real time report overview and in-depth report, including other agent reviews, so you can make the RIGHT decision for your business.

There is an ever-growing trend that has existed for many years where landlords have the control of who they choose to manage their investment WITH NO information available to the real estate industry to put its own value on this landlord as an asset to your business. LIDA takes the guess work out.

How many times have you heard "Good Luck!" from the previous management when you have collected a property file? Then you find out how difficult, unresponsive, or unwilling the landlord is to maintain the property, OR if you have secured a FANTASTIC landlord! LIDA will give you a real time report that covers Communication, Maintenance, Court, Tenant Application's and more! You can now get the information you need BEFORE signing up a Landlord and take the power back to make informed, viable and real decisions.


LIDA offers the BEST protection of your information.

Latest Protection & Highest Level of Security for Websites and Databases

Protection of Personal Information

Agent ID only on reviews

Owner Details Protection to ensure security of your rent roll

Just $1 per day / $365 for a 12 month subscription!