Tenant Reference Check Database

Tenant Reference Check Database

LIDA is finally here! THIS is what the industry has been waiting for!


LIDA has been developed out of the growing need for real estates, onsite managers, to have a real time tenant reference check from their previous agents WITHOUT having to fax, email, or constantly ring.


LIDA will give you a real time report overview and in-depth report, including other agent reviews, so you can make the RIGHT decision for your business.

LIDA takes the guess work out.

How many times have you lost a great prospective tenant because you are waiting for the reference check to come back from another agent?  How many times have you approved a tenant because they have not been able to be listed on other databases and are still awaiting court hearings? LIDA will give you a real time report that covers Routine Inspections, Rent Payments, Tenancy End, and Tenancy Details. You can now get the information you need BEFORE signing up a tenant


Just $1 per day / $365 per year, unlimited reports.

Contact Admin@lida.net.au for more information or to puchase this product!